Planning is well underway for Alottawata to be the best, most innovative water park in the country.

But it’s going to be much more than just a thrilling water park. With state-of-the-art ProSlide research and development labs, Alottawata promises to be the most advanced water attraction development facility in the world.


It all started with a dream,
as these things often do.

A vision of transformation

Rick Hunter is the owner and founder of Ottawa-based ProSlide Technology Inc., the world leader in water slide manufacturing and water park planning (ProSlide works with Disney, Six Flags, Universal Studios and many more to create the world’s best, biggest and most thrilling parks and rides). Always innovating and working to transform the water park industry, Rick bought Mont Cascades many years ago and created the water park there in part to act as ProSlide’s Research and Development lab, which it has done successfully for many years.

Bringing it home

As business grew it became apparent that Mont Cascades was just too far from Ottawa, the city Rick loves and where ProSlide called home, and the search for a new location began. When the property on Moodie Drive became available in 2007 – 100 acres with prime access and perfect topography – Rick jumped on the opportunity, and Alottawata was born.

An evolving concept

In the intervening years, as ProSlide has become more global and is working with larger and larger clients on the best water parks in the world, the concept for Alottawata has evolved. As Rick built his global business – and the global water park industry – his vision for Alottawata crystallized.


That brings us to today. We’re now actively updating the original Alottawata plans – we’ve invented several new categories of rides in the intervening time – and planning the first phase of what promises to be the most exciting water park in the country, and the most advanced water attraction R&D facilities in the world.

It’s coming soon.

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